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 Breeze Hill Kennels is a full-service boarding, training and grooming  facility. The kennel room is climate controlled with geothermal heat  and air. The kennel room contains 15 indoor/outdoor runs that can be  closed for bad weather. It is constructed with cinder block dividers to  restrict any fence fighting to none. French drains inside and out help  keep the waste down to a minimum and the kennel remains fresh and clean.  



 In addition to boarding, Breeze Hill Kennels grooming room has a  large commercial tub for bathing, separate  drying pens and a grooming tables for our little furry friends. 

 All grooming is done by appointment. For prices please call 870-430-2500 

Boarding Prices


1 Dog - $25/Night

2 Dogs - $40/Night

3 Dogs - $50/Night

4 Dogs - $55/Night

Obedience Training



Hourly Sessions - we teach you how to train your own dog.  We  simply show you how and give you a head start. One training lesson that  lasts an hour will not cover everything you need to know. Training takes  time and patience. You will be sent home with homework and a goal. The  following session, we have a review session and fix what might be a  little sloppy, then move towards the next step. With a little work,  patience, and will have a well behaved dog.